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Anyone who has a passport and Visa to the country He/She is travelling to.To know more about how you can get a passport and a Visa to a country of your choice, please contact us.
Interstudy and Travel ventures holds mandatory pre-departure counseling session for this purpose to prepare you before travel. Many students are like you and are very scared of the unknown. In these sessions, the students and parents hold FAQ with our consultants after a briefing where we answer every question regarding your travel.
You have 3 options: On-campus – You share an apartment (4 – 8 bedrooms) in a very condusive area near the campus, where you are given your own bedroom, but you share the kitchen, bathroom(s) and living areas with other students.This kind of arrangement is normally for international students.Before you set off, we make sure everything you need while you reach is ready for you. Off-campus – This is where you stay off the campus and the options include house or unit/flat rentals or hostels. Costs vary depending on size, quality and location. Home stay – This is where you are given an opportunity to stay with an Australian family. They offer a safe and caring environment
In some countries like Australia and the USA, regardless of your good grades in English at “O” level, an English Proficiency Test is insisted on and a certificate of completion is issued after the test which is a requirement before entry.
In certain countries, a student is allowed to work but normally the hours are limited to 20 hours a week during school time though one may work longer hours during school holidays. Students can take up jobs at their school campuses in the first year of their study.Getting a job is not guaranteed. So, one should not necessarily depend on it to pay school dues. Working is a privilege and not a right.
We have not identified Universities that are comfortable with units from Uganda but if you have been studying under the International Education system, considerations may be made.
No. Universities that accept International students like you, are colour blind and admissions are not made based on anyone's skin complexion.
Interstudy and Travel Ventures will provide you with pre-departure training that will help you adjust accordingly to your new environment. We will arrange airport pick up and organize your registration procedures for convenience. We will take charge to register your details at the relevant embassy. And we will continue to mentor and monitor you during your entire duration course. We will make follow ups occasionaly to make sure your settled in very well in your country you have travelled in.

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